Windows Based PC (Desktop/Laptop) connected to the printer you want orders printed on

Internet connection

Program needs to be connected & running at all times

Click Here to download the software for the printer.

Extract it/unzip it onto any folder (preferably on your desktop) and run the file "247Waiter-Printing.exe".  Once it's open, fill the following things



Port: 1337

Username: The email address you use to login into your restaurant's admin area

Location: In your restaurant's admin area, go to "Order Notification", click "Yes" to "Send Order to Printer Option". Save the page then copy/paste that code in the location box.

1. Choose Printer, you'd like the orders to be sent to. You can pick multiple printers.

2. Choose Paper Size for the selected printer

3. Click Select/Set Printer - Printer should show under "Selected Printers".

Click "Connect". Green light should be visible in the bottom right corner of the program. You'll be all set!

Testing: Click over to the "Orders" section of your admin area, for any of your existing orders, you'll see a small printer under Actions, click on that & that order should be sent to your printer OR you can simply place another test order yourself.