Very likely this item & it's option/modifier group is setup incorrectly. Let's say you have a base price of 18.95 (large price) for this item and then an option group to choose "small (14.25) or large (18.95)".  Option group choice pricing ALWAYS adds to the base price.   So you have a base price of 18.95,  if they select small in the option choices it would be 18.95+14.25,  if they select large, it's 18.95+18.95 which is why the price seems like for 2 when it's really 1 item.

Here, the base price needs to be either "0" so whatever option they selection, it would be "0" + option choice price. OR  you set the base price of small, which is 14.25, then change the option group & put price of "0" for the small choice and 4.70 for the price of large,  then it would be base price of 14.25+4.70 (if they choose large) which would make the total 18.95.